Avery Design Systems USB-Xactor

USB-Xactor, from Avery Design Systems, is a verification solution that supports the USB 3.0 specification. USB-Xactor is a complete verification solution consisting of SystemVerilog OVM/VMM compliant Bus Functional Models (BFM), protocol checkers, directed and random compliance test suites, and reference verification frameworks. The USB-Xactor enables design and verification engineers to quickly and extensively test the entire functionality of their Superspeed compliant host, hub, and device controller-based designs.

USB-Xactor Features

  • Host model performs bus enumeration and and allocates independent USB pipes for communication flows between host and each device endpoint
  • Program models for TP sequences for Bulk, Isochronous, Interrupt, Bulk Stream, and Control (Device request) transfer types
  • Program USB Device requests to access USB device descriptors
  • Automatic frame scheduling and bus interval and service interval support including ITP generation
  • Program and send raw protocol layer packets
  • Program USB host and device model timing parameters and response behaviors such as link commands
  • Automatic flow control
  • Fine-grained control over LTSSM transition sequences
  • Fine-grained link layer controls
  • Inject errors at all layers through callbacks
  • Control device operations state transitions including suspend/resume
  • Full power management support (U0-U3) including automatic and software directed entry/exit
  • PowerOn and Inband reset

BFM Features

  • Layered environment based on family of SystemVerilog classes and methods
  • Abstract data model for transfer, packet, and descriptor types
  • Drivers, event callbacks, and scoreboard options automate status and result checking
  • Random scenario generation with constraints stress design operation
  • Directed tests for focused functional compliance testing
  • Functional coverage monitoring of scenario cases
  • Comprehensive protocol checking
  • VMM/OVM support

More information: Avery Design Systems