CSR Launches Synergy Embedded Wireless System Software

CSR introduced their Synergy embedded wireless software. With CSR Synergy, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy, Wi-Fi, UWB, eGPS, NFC, audio-DSP functions, and FM transceiver are all supported in a single software environment. CSR Synergy takes an overall systems approach to connectivity, making integration easier and reducing time-to-market for designers looking to implement single or multiple wireless technologies. Synergy offers performance improvements in wireless technology interoperability and enables advanced new end-user use-cases.

CSR Synergy Framework

CSR Synergy Features

  • 29 Bluetooth Profiles
  • Wi-Fi
  • FM Rx/Tx with RDS
  • MusiCore (for creating advanced music/speech phones)
  • InfoStream (protocol packaging information alongside streamed audio such as caller name or headset battery level)
  • AuriStream(wideband quality headset-handset link)
  • Amplifi (switches seamlessly from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi or UWB to speed file transfer)

CSR Synergy accelerates the porting process with the Synergy Framework. This is a virtual operating system (OS) and hardware abstraction layer that enables several wireless technologies to be run in the same environment. This results in only one porting task for OEMs and therefore a reduced time-to-market. CSR’s wireless technologies are all represented as Synergy technology modules that can then be added easily to the Synergy Framework by simple configuration depending on the requirements of the OEM’s product. All the technologies have a high-level and unified API making the integration into the application and user interface (UI) layer as simple and fast as possible.

More information: CSR Synergy