STMicroelectronics STM32 Primer

The updated STM32 Primer2, from STMicroelectronics, features a touchscreen, built-in audio, and an extension connector to its series of self-contained handheld platforms for embedded design. STM32 Primer2 is about the size of a cellphone and comes with a 128×160-pixel color touchscreen, a joystick/push button, extension connector, and pre-loaded sample applications. STM32 Primer2 also comes with a built-in USB port, a MicroSD card slot, an accelerometer, and an infrared transmitter/receiver. The STM32 Primer2 is in production now and is available for $49 each.

STMicroelectronics STM32 Primer for Embedded DevelopmentSTM32 Primer2 Features

  • STM32F103E (512 Kbytes Flash)
  • Li-Ion battery with smart loading control for improved current management, battery autonomy (more than 6 hours), charging time and battery lifespan
  • 128×160 pixel touch screen TFT display
  • Codec-based audio record and playback with headset connector and integrated microphone
  • 4-direction joystick and push button
  • 4 additional push buttons based on touchscreen capability
  • Micro SD card connector
  • IrDA transceiver
  • 20-pin add-on connector for access to SPI, I2C, USART, CAN and analog/digital I/Os

ST’s STM32 Primer enables users to quickly turn a concept into an attractive-looking demonstrator. Designs can present a high-quality prototype, rather than a conventional engineering development board, to create a better first impression with minimal design-start investment.

The STM32 Primer includes the Raisonance Ride7 application development software and the GNU C compiler. This enables embedded designers to use the Primer platform for complete development of complex end products. All necessary design resources are included, including source code for the pre-loaded applications, as well as software libraries for peripherals such as MEMS position sensors, the touchscreen and embedded audio components of the STM32 Primer2. The STM32 Primer2 also has a 20-pin external connector allowing easy connection of external circuit boards.

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