Aonix ObjectAda for VxWorks

Aonix announced ObjectAda 8.4 for Windows. This latest version targets PowerPC embedded and real-time systems running the Wind River VxWorks 6.6 real-time operating system (RTOS). This is the first ObjectAda release supporting full Ada tasking atop VxWorks 6.6 via Real-Time Processes (RTP). ObjectAda Real-Time targeting Power Architectures running Wind Rivers’ VxWorks 6.6 is is available now. Prices start at $15,000 with quantity discounts available.

ObjectAda for VxWorks leverages Wind River Workbench, which is an Eclipse-based development environment that offers developers access to a range of tools available through the Eclipse framework. ObjectAda supports multiple operating systems, architectures. and programming languages. The tool provides the flexibility to standardize on a single development framework. Users also have the option to utilize ObjectAda’s standard graphical or command-line interface. The ObjectAda compilation system is comprised of an integrated language-sensitive editor, source-code browser, compiler with industry-leading compilation speed, debugger, and full library manager.

Embedded systems development often begins without target hardware in hand. In the absence of a PowerPC execution platform, VxSim, a target simulation facility supplied in the VxWorks distribution, can perform initial application execution and testing direct from the Intel/Windows host development platform. This is especially cost-efficient when multiple developers vie for access to expensive and scarce target hardware testing cycles.

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