Mentor Graphics HyperLynx PI

The HyperLynx PI (power integrity) product, from Mentor Graphics, features easy-to-learn-and-use setup and accurate analysis of power plane structures. HyperLynx PI enables teams to design working power delivery systems while reducing design cycle times, prototypes, and manufacturing re-spins, as well as product cost. The HyperLynx PI product is available now to select customers with pricing starting at $35K with general release targeted for first quarter 2009. It integrates with Mentor’s Expedition Enterprise, PADS and Board Station flows, as well as third party PCB design solutions such as Allegro and CR 5000.

HyperLynx PI Benefits

  • Identify problems early with simulation tools, reducing the need to re-prototype a board further along in the production cycle
  • Explore pre-emphasis and equalization settings in addition to validating BER performance for high-speed serial channel designs before creating a board
  • Determine routing constraints quickly for any technology or topology to get correct-by-design routing on the PCB
  • Minimize layer count by proactively planning your stack-up
  • Explore net terminations prior to layout to determine values and if any terminations can be removed
  • Validate that routing meets signal integrity requirements before creating a prototype
  • Ensure adequate and clean power delivery early in the design phase
  • Works with all major PCB flows
  • Is easy to use with little ramp-up time
  • Offers flexible model support (IBIS, SPICE (Eldo / HSPICE), VHDL-AMS, S-parameters)

HyperLynx PI can help an engineer create cost-effective design rules for the power delivery network and answer the important ‘what if?’ design questions early in the design cycle, bypassing the expensive build-it and test-it route. HyperLynx PI provides both pre- and post-layout analysis of irregular power and ground plane structures incorporating the exact IC pin locations and models. The results of the analysis can be both visual and textual, enabling the designer to quickly identify and resolve power and/or ground plane structure problems.

The HyperLynx PI product provides accurate analysis of the power integrity, enabling the designer to determine the best number, placement, and values of the de-coupling capacitors. With this information, the designer can perform correct-by-design layout of the power structures and decoupling-capacitor placements for single-pass power integrity design.

HyperLynx PI is tightly integrated with the HyperLynx SI (signal integrity) product suite to provide a comprehensive analysis and verification solution for today’s high performance products. The HyperLynx SI product includes complete signal integrity and delay analysis functionality for classical parallel (synchronous), advanced-memory (DDR, DDR2, DDR3 – source-synchronous), and SERDES serial (asynchronous) bus interconnects. With the HyperLynx products, engineers and designers can optimize the performance of their advanced design while avoiding the need for costly prototypes and manufacturing re-spins.

More information: Mentor Graphics HyperLynx PI