Agilent ADS W2302 Transient Convolution Element

The Agilent Channel Simulator is a million-bit-per-minute signal integrity channel simulator for multigigabit chip-to-chip data link design. The Channel Simulator is part of Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA software platform. The tool features interactive eye measurement from channel simulations inside the ADS signal integrity design and analysis environment. Agilent’s Channel Simulator will be available as part of the Advanced Design System 2009 release, available in mid-February. The Channel Simulator is offered as part of both the legacy E8885 Convolution Simulator and its successor, the new W2302 Transient Convolution Element in Agilent’s Advanced Design System. Prices start at approximately $26,000.

Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) W2302 Transient Convolution Element

Transient Convolution Element Highlights

  • The Industry’s fastest SPICE simulator
  • A convolution capability that lets you bring components specified by S-parameters in the frequency domain into a time domain simulation. Proven algorithms ensure passitivity and causality control. This is especially important for challenging cases such a long or lossy transmission lines.
  • Channel Simulator and Fast Eye Probe features, which allows interactive eye diagram analysis of the transceiver and channel circuitry at million-bit-per-minute simulation rates: about a thousand times faster than conventional SPICE.
  • IBIS I/O Models let you incorporate “executable datasheets” from your semiconductor vendors models
  • Signal integrity verification toolkit portion of the element lets you perform jitter decomposition using the same, tested EZJIT Plus algorithm used in Agilent instruments.
  • The Broadband SPICE Model Generator lets you convert measured or simulated S-parameter models to lumped equivalent or pole zero representations.

The ADS Channel Simulator enables signal integrity engineers to address these challenges by performing “what-if” design space exploration. To aid this workflow, ADS Channel Simulator uses impulse response analysis to automatically extract a fast, linear FIR model from any combination of ADS circuit-level and physical-level components. This results in simulation throughputs of more than a million bits per minute. Fast eye measurement lets signal-integrity engineers interactively produce the resulting eye measurements — and optimize transmit and receive equalization — in serial links such as PCI Express, USB 3.0, and 10-gigabit Ethernet.

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