MIPS Linearized Digital Audio IP

MIPS Technologies announced their new Linearized Digital Audio IP for multimedia applications. The Linearized Digital Audio IP is a high-quality, compact line driving solution for a wide range of applications (such as DVD players, digital photo frames, set-top boxes and iDTVs). The Linearized Digital Audio line driver replaces the traditional Class A/AB line driver, resulting in an area savings of approximately 50%, while keeping the same Hi-Fi performance. MIPS Technologies achieves this through the linearization of the pulse width modulation (PWM) output signal. The IP can be implemented standalone or as part of an audio subsystem across multiple process technologies in major foundries.

MIPS Technologies’ family of Class-D Audio and Linearized Audio DACs optimize a high-quality playback channel for low power consumption and longer battery life for a wide array of consumer devices. High-order, over-sampling sigma delta technology is used together with drivers to achieve high efficiency. The channel filters are implemented digitally, embedded in the decimation and interpolation filters associated with the converters. Individual volume control schemes allow maximum flexibility in combining different playback functions. External component requirements are minimal, as no separate external references are required.

More information: MIPS Technologies, Inc.