Agilent Option 061 MATLAB and Option 062 MATLAB Packages

Agilent announced an option for The MathWorks MATLAB data analysis software with the purchase of the Agilent 5000, 6000, 7000, and 90000 Series oscilloscopes. Combining Agilent oscilloscopes and MATLAB data analysis software helps engineers to confidently analyze, visualize, and filter signals. The integrated capability makes these tasks easier and saves engineers time. The Agilent Option 061 MATLAB basic package and Option 062 MATLAB standard packages are available now.

Agilent MATLAB Options

  • The Agilent Option 061 MATLAB basic oscilloscope package provides an introductory software package for configuring and controlling Agilent instruments and performing basic signal and visualization tasks from the MATLAB environment.
  • The Agilent Option 062 MATLAB standard oscilloscope package adds functionality for filtering signals and analyzing signal processing schemes.

More info: The MathWorks | Agilent Technologies