Toward Harnessing the True Potential of IP Reuse

Jasper Design Automation will present a paper at DesignCon 2009. The paper will discuss Behavioral Indexing for enabling efficient IP design reuse. Jasper will present the paper in a track on Tuesday, February 3rd, 11:05 – 11:45 am. The session is part of DesignCon’s new IP Summit. The paper is entitled, “Toward Harnessing the True Potential of IP Reuse” and will feature a discussion on how Behavioral Indexing can be used to address the root problems of comprehension, modification, and re-verification of IP for efficient reuse.

According to Jasper Design Automation, Behavioral Indexing will enable breakthroughs in design comprehension, reuse, and IP delivery, solving many business problems associated with IP, whether commercial or internally-developed. By leveraging this technology even earlier in the design flow, designs will be built to enable easy future design reuse and modification, truly harnessing the complete potential that design reuse has to offer for speeding highly innovative products to market.

The increasing complexities of modern SoCs and short time-to-market requirements have made the efficient reuse of in-house and third-party IPs more critical than ever before. Given that most IPs require some degree of modification before reuse, it is critical to address the root problem of efficient comprehension, modification, and reverification in IP reuse.

The IP Reuse paper describes a tool and methodology solution that consists of putting the IP through an activation process. The resulting database is then used by the IP consumer with an analysis tool that allows both dynamic association of the relationship among available data and on-the-fly generation of timing diagrams for the modified IP. The tool and the methodology are illustrated on a memory-controller IP block.

More info: IP Re-Use and Integration | Jasper Design Automation