JEDA STARC-based JEDA TLM2.0 Checker

JEDA Technologies introduced the STARC-based JEDA TLM2.0 Checker. The Checker is based on the STARC Transaction Level Modeling (TLM) Guide, 2nd edition. The goal is to help users create highly reusable TLM models with a common set of TLM communication abstraction levels to ease the adoption of the OSCI TLM2.0 Standard. The STARC-based JEDA TLM2.0 Checker will be available as a separate product, which includes the STARC rules checker in addition to the OSCI TLM 2.0 standard rules. The users can select the checking of each rule individually. They can also configure the severity level of each rule, to either stop the simulation immediately or allow multiple rule violations before the simulation is interrupted. At the end of each simulation the checker generates a summary report. The STARC-based JEDA TLM2.0 Checker will be available this year.

More info: STARC | JEDA Technologies