Measurement Studio, Measurement Computing Edition 8.6

Measurement Computing Corporation released version 8.6 of Measurement Studio, Measurement Computing edition. MSTUDIO MCC is an integrated suite of classes and controls for engineers using Measurement Computing hardware, to create test, measurement, and automation applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008/2005, and .NET 2003. MSTUDIO MCC reduces application development time by providing Windows Forms, Web Forms, and ActiveX user interface components designed for engineers, scientists, and data acquisition and instrument control technicians working in test environments. The suite includes object-oriented measurement hardware interfaces, advanced analysis libraries, scientific user interface controls for Windows applications, and web applications. It can be used to develop complete measurement and automation applications, which includes all the data acquisition, analysis, and presentation functionalities.

Measurement Studio, Measurement Computing edition, version 8.6

New Features of MSTUDIO MCC 8.6

  • AutoRefresh callback improvements
  • Explicitly creating network variables
  • Browsing network variables
  • .NET Analysis library code snippets
  • Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) .NET support
  • Customizable mouse cursors
  • New graph auto-spacing properties
  • Bug fixes

More info: Measurement Studio MCC Edition