Solido Variation Designer

Solido Design Automation introduced their Variation Designer solution. According to Solido, Variation Designer is the first truly scalable and extensible solution for meeting design challenges created by process variations at nanometer feature sizes. Variation Designer enables designers to eliminate design losses resulting from over- and under-design without sacrificing efficiency and productivity. Variation Designer allows designers to expand their capabilities by plugging in applications that are created to solve specific variation problems, without the need for re-integration with the design environment. Its use results in “right designs” that meet or exceed specifications, with minimized power/area and maximized yields in a shorter time than is possible with a traditional design flow. Variation Designer enables designers to deliver highly competitive products in a timely manner, with reduced costs and faster ramp to production. Variation Designer is available now.

Variation Designer - Solido Design Automation

Variation Designer Features

  • Solve current and future process variation problems
  • Eliminate design loss – improve performance, yield and reduce area/power
  • Accurate and fast Analyze, Identify and Fix flow to solve process variation issues
  • Design-specific True Corners account for global, local, environmental variation resulting in robust designs
  • Seamless integration with Cadence Virtuoso and ADE
  • Works with Spectre, HSPICE, Spectre/HSPICE-compatible simulators, and in-house simulators
  • Runs on most Linux and Solaris systems
  • Supports high-capacity requirements imposed by large circuits with thousands of active devices
  • LSF Integration and built-in parallel simulation

Variation Designer provides an efficient way for chip designers to analyze, identify and fix the effects of process variations on their designs. It provides automatic capabilities to analyze and identify process variation-related failure mechanisms, but cedes control to designers to use the information in combination with their experience and knowledge to fix those problems in an interactive manner.

Variation Designer is extremely scalable and is able to handle the high-capacity requirements imposed by large circuits with thousands of active devices. It has been tightly integrated with the Cadence ADE (Analog Design Environment) and Spectre, and the Synopsys HSPICE, design flows, and will also support other design flows in the near future, including custom flows.

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