SMIC 65nm Standard Cell Libraries

SMIC released three preliminary versions of their 65-nanometer standard cell libraries. The libraries include a high performance Very High Speed (VHS) library, a density and performance optimized High Speed (HS) library, and a power management kit (PMK) for the High Speed (HS) library. The new 65nm standard cell libraries were designed to meet industry standards and closely follow design for manufacturing (DFM) rules. SMIC also has a High Density (HD) library under development that will be optimized for high density and low power.

The libraries offer a number of technology advantages and design innovations — including an extensive characterization for timing and power, a wide range of drive sizes and functions, and the optimization for density, speed and power. In the Very High Speed (VHS) and High Speed (HS) libraries, tapless cells are developed to enhance the density; current source modeling is implemented for more accurate timing, noise, and power simulations. Power management kit (PMK) is available for High Speed (HS) library users to develop advanced low power designs. All three libraries are designed to support a wide range of EDA tools. Preliminary versions of the libraries have been released to customers. SMIC offers three standard cell libraries free of charge to all licensees.

More info: Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation