No EDA Tool Purchase Plan

Blue Pearl Software announced a new EDA business model today. Under their new model, the company is offering short term use of the their tools without having to incur the high cost of purchasing, integrating, and learning the new tools. The products included in the offer are Indigo RTL Analysis, Cobalt Timing Constraint Generation, and Azure Timing Constraint Validation. Blue Pearl Software is offering the basic service at a fixed price along with pricing for continuing services. A single run may be purchased for as little as $2,500. No long term commitment is required, and money spent toward this program may be credited toward an actual tool purchase.

When a company wants to check the quality of their RTL, identify coding errors, generate timing constraints, or validate timing constraints, Blue Pearl Software will send a highly trained applications engineer to run any of the tools and provide results within two business days. The service includes the installation and set-up of the chosen tool.

The new program helps designers achieve higher quality RTL netlists, close timing faster, and lower their design risk. It can save weeks of design work while eliminating the costs and time related to the training and deployment of new tools. This enables companies to size their staffing appropriately while working on new developments to drive growth.

No EDA Tool Purchase Plan Benefits

  • Fast results
  • Improved RTL
  • New, hard to identify, timing constraints
  • Faster design closure
  • Significantly reduced risk
  • No long term commitments
  • No time-consuming evaluations
  • Results guaranteed

More info: Blue Pearl Software No EDA Tool Purchase Plan