Wavecom M2M Studio for Embedded Software Development

Wavecom introduced M2M Studio, which is a suite of tools for the development of embedded software applications for industrial wireless devices based on Wavecom Wireless CPUs. M2M Studio enables developers to create, develop, compile, download, debug, and test their applications. M2M Studio fully integrates previously isolated tools — such as the source code editor, project build wizard, target download, RTE mode monitor, JTAG debugger, traces emulator, and development tool chain, all within the Eclipse Ganymede framework.

Wavecom M2M Studio for Embedded Software DevelopmentM2M Studio Features

  • Full Integration
    All tools in one easy place to use. Learn, Code, Debug, Compile, Download, Trace and Monitor, all from a single highly integrated environment.
  • Auto update
    Environment and dependencies updated from the Internet.
  • New EBS
    A new Enhanced Build System module makes your creation come to life more simply than ever before.
  • Import Wizard
    Don’t worry about your existing projects. Import them with the failsafe wizard.
  • New SPM
    The Software Package Manager makes it easier for you to import the SDK of your choice, including the Wireless CPU Operating System, Firmware and associated Plug-Ins.
  • Dependency Limited
    Dependencies such as Cygwin are gone, making installation and time to get going much faster.
  • New WCC
    The Wireless CPU Connector makes it easy to connect to your chosen target platform.
  • Faster
    Compiling your application and then downloading the compiled code to the target is now as fast as leading terminal emulators.
  • Go Easy or Go Pro
    Delivered as a Standalone package in the form of a single Windows .EXE (no registry changes required) or via an online Update Site for experienced Eclipse users.
  • Help for Everyone
    Whether you’re new to cellular M2M or an experienced user, there’s help just around the corner from the new Dashboard to extensive online help and cheat sheets and API auto-complete with inline editor colour coding.

M2M Studio is ideal for developers of innovative M2M and automotive applications based on Wavecom Wireless CPUs, including home security systems, asset tracking devices, in-vehicle fleet management or telematics units, utility meters and fixed wireless telephones. It is compatible with a wide range of Wavecom Wireless CPU devices. M2M Studio comes with a new Enhanced Build System, a new Wireless CPU Connector, and a new Software Package Manager for managing Open AT OS, Firmware and Plug-Ins bundles.

More info: M2M Studio (pdf)