OneSpin 360 MV Family for Formal Assertion Verification

OneSpin 360 MV is an integrated family of formal assertion-based verification (ABV) tools for ASIC, SoC and FPGA designs. The product family complements dynamic verification by using the standard assertion languages, SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) and Open Verification Library (OVL). The product family provides entry points for formal verification novices and experienced users to substantially increase verification productivity and quality. OneSpin 360 MV requires up to 5X less verification effort than thorough module/subsystem testbenches. The OneSpin 360 MV product family is available immediately. List prices are $20K for 360 MV Inspect, $72K for 360 MV Check, $120K for 360 MV Verify, $140K for 360 MV Assure, and $180K for 360 MV Certify.

OneSpin 360 MV Product Family for Formal Assertion Verification360 MV Features

  • Complements simulation-based verification with most comprehensive formal ABV product family
  • Slashes verification effort by up to 5X compared to thorough module-level testbenches
  • Eases and speeds systematic formal verification of design operations, working from timing diagrams
  • Enables highest quality through automatic detection of verification gaps
  • Scales for designs where other formal tools fail to deliver results
  • Step-by-step learning and adoption approach makes new users productive in days

The 360 MV Product Family

  • 360 MV Inspect for Autochecks
    Lets designers detect RTL errors as soon as first code is available, reducing subsequent debugging effort. It verifies thousands of checks in minutes, and requires no formal verification experience or knowledge of assertion languages.
  • 360 MV Check for Verifying Implementation Intent
    Using assertions that capture micro-architecture or implementation aspects, designers find implementation bugs weeks or months before testbenches are available, improving bring-up quality and reducing subsequent debugging effort.
  • 360 MV Verify for Verifying Functional Requirements and Design Operations
    Finds deep, complex errors far more efficiently than simulation or other formal tools, with the market’s highest capacity and performance, and unique systematic verification of design operations. It also deploys the new automated proof-based debugger, providing automatic error localization for complex SVAs. 360 MV Verify reduces or even eliminates the need for high-coverage module/subsystem testbenches and serves as the entry point for OneSpin’s unique, operation-based formal ABV.
  • 360 MV Assure for Verifying with Automatic Gap Detection
    Enhances systematic verification of design operations with automatic identification of yet unverified input scenarios. A debug and diagnosis environment guides users to develop SystemVerilog assertions to close these verification gaps, assuring thorough specification/implementation co-verification.
  • 360 MV Certify for Gap-free Verification
    OneSpin’s flagship product delivers verification quality that cannot be ensured by any other verification approach today. It implements OneSpin’s GapFreeVerification closed-loop process that integrates verification planning, verification execution and automatic gap detection to achieve the highest possible verification quality. 360 MV Certify guides the development of a gap-free set of SystemVerilog assertions to build a specification-compliant reference model of the design’s full functionality, and proves that the RTL code is functionally equivalent to this reference model.

More info: OneSpin 360 MV Product Family Datasheet