Jasper ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing

Jasper Design Automation introduced ActiveDesign with Behavioral Indexing for behavior-based RTL analysis and verification. Jasper’s Behavioral Indexing technology enables ActiveDesign to iteratively extract, index and store relevant design behaviors, along with the RTL, in a dynamic, executable database referred to as the Activated Design. Activated Designs are optimized for complex yet flexible behavior-based analysis and automatic regressions, and work seamlessly with Jasper’s formal property verification system, JasperGold. Behavioral Indexing enables companies to capture and preserve the intended behaviors of a design as it is being implemented. In addition, ActiveDesign reduces verification time, accelerates knowledge transfer, improves design maintenance, and enables efficient reuse. ActiveDesign will be available worldwide in March of 2009 with list prices starting at $140K.

ActiveDesign works with all existing design flows and accepts RTL designs in SystemVerilog, Verilog, or VHDL. Waveform representations of design behaviors are automatically produced without a testbench or simulator using formal technology. Users can also refine the waveforms directly to describe desired behavior. ActiveDesign then indexes relevant design behaviors in a database, enabling dynamic behavior-based analysis and correlation of functional behaviors to the evolving RTL. The user runs “implication analysis” which automatically produces reports to show the impact of design changes on the indexed behaviors, classifying the behaviors as “unaffected”, “potentially affected” (temporally changed), or “broken.” These reports enable the designer to easily preserve desired behaviors while iteratively developing the design, or modifying it for a new use.

ActiveDesign is used to confirm and index intended functional behaviors as the RTL is composed, and to easily validate complex, sometimes unintended, interactions among behaviors. This use mode is sometimes referred to as a “Designer Self Test.” The powerful comprehension features in ActiveDesign help designers and verification engineers that ‘inherit’ a design to become intimately familiar with relevant design functionality, without any access to the original design author. Activated Designs empower any user over the life of the design, or its derivatives, to comprehend, safely modify, and retarget the RTL design for new uses.

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