Timesys LinuxLink 3.0

Timesys introduced LinuxLink 3.0, which is a software development service for reducing time, resources, and risk of building open source, Linux-based products. LinuxLink provides regularly updated embedded Linux sources, the Factory build engine, a properly configured Toolbox, and access to man years of embedded Linux experience via documentation, learning center resources, community forums and support. For a limited time, embedded Linux developers can register for a free LinuxLink 3.0 Test Drive.

With LinuxLink 3.0, developers can build a custom, bootable embedded Linux image for select development kits. LinuxLink 3.0 was developed to help development teams deal with open source challenges without getting locked into a commercially licensed Linux distribution.

LinuxLink 3.0 Core Elements

  • Embedded Linux sources
    Regularly gathered and updated from thousands of community sources and properly patched/configured for a wide variety of processors and associated development kits
  • Factory build engine
    Ensures repeatable builds from source with a scriptable GNU-based environment
  • Toolbox of properly configured development tools
    Tools that work from day one — including GDB and OProfile
  • Access to years of embedded Linux experience
    Includes documentation, learning center resources, community forums, and support

More info: LinuxLink Test Drive