Apache RedHawk-NX Dynamic Power Integrity Solution

RedHawk-NX, from Apache Design Solutions, is the next generation dynamic power integrity solution re-architected to handle designs of five hundred million gates. RedHawk-NX features hierarchical dynamic power analysis, proprietary mesh pattern recognition and reuse, and multi-core support, enabling designers to analyze the most complex designs with sign-off accuracy. RedHawk-NX will be available in Q1, 2009 as a no cost upgrade to all active RedHawk-EV customers.

RedHawk-NX Features

  • Single kernel for static IR-drop, EM, and dynamic voltage drop (DvD) for ease-of-use and quick time-to-results
  • Industry’s first hierarchical dynamic technology for advanced SoC design methodology
  • Multi-core architecture support leveraging the capacity and performance advantages of multiple-CPU computing systems
  • Integrated full-chip parasitics extraction including self and mutual inductance and 45 degree modeling
  • Dynamic library characterization of cell, memory/macro, and I/O for Spice-level accuracy
  • Package parasitics impact through integrated RLCK and S-parameter model support
  • VCD and Vectorless Dynamic analysis with power, network, and timing awareness
  • Full-chip true-transient dynamic simulation engine for sign-off quality-of-results
  • Layout-based GUI and TCL interface
  • Physical design weaknesses exploration and identification
  • “What-If” analysis and optimization with built-in GUI and text interface for real-time layout changes
  • Wire fixing and optimization, including non-uniform grids (Optional)
  • Decoupling capacitance advisory and optimization (Optional)
  • Analysis of dynamic voltage drop impact on timing and jitter (Optional)
  • Chip Power Model creation for chip-package-system convergence (Optional)
  • Certified in TSMC and Common Platform Reference Flows for power closure

More info: RedHawk-NX