ASSET InterTech RIC-1000 Remote Instrumentation Controller

The RIC-1000 remote instrumentation controller, from ASSET InterTech, connects locally to a circuit board or other unit under test (UUT) and remotely over Ethernet to an ASSET ScanWorks embedded instrumentation platform. The RIC-1000 is the first to apply JTAG/boundary scan tests directly over the Internet.

The RIC-1000 is available now at a price of $5,995.

The RIC-1000 incorporates local intelligence and implements a client/server architecture in relation to a remote ScanWorks station.

ASSET InterTech RIC-1000 Remote Instrumentation ControllerEach Remote Instrumentation Controller can be assigned an Internet Protocol (IP) address. As a result, a test engineer at a ScanWorks station in the United States could apply tests via a Remote Instrumentation Controller over the Internet on a circuit board being manufactured in a factory in Asia, for example. The need for a ScanWorks test station running on a personal computer and other equipment local to the Remote Instrumentation Controller and the circuit board being tested is eliminated. In fact, one ScanWorks station can access and apply tests through any number of Remote Instrumentation Controllers located anywhere in the world.

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