Tanner EDA 64-Bit HiPer Verify for Windows

Tanner EDA recently introduced the 64-Bit HiPer Verify for Windows. Tanner ported their physical verification product to the Windows Vista (x64) platform to provide customers the increased capacity and higher performance critical for designing today’s most complex designs. HiPer Verify 64-Bit is available now with Tanner Tools v13.11, supporting the Windows Vista (x64) platform. Pricing is identical to the 32-bit version.

With 64-bit architecture, HiPer Verify will substantially increase the size of designs that customers can handle. Coupled with the ability to read Caliber rule files directly from the foundry and the inherent mobility of the Windows PC platform, customers can now work on the largest of designs, where they want and when they want.

As with the 32-bit version, 64-bit HiPer Verify fully supports hierarchical foundry-compatible rules, allowing it to run Mentor’s Calibre and Cadence’s Dracula foundry files natively, without conversion or modification.

More info: Tanner EDA