MIPS Navigator Integrated Component Suite

MIPS Technologies, Inc. (NasdaqGS: MIPS) recently released the new MIPS Navigator Integrated Component Suite (ICS). Navigator ICS enables embedded developers to more easily code, debug and analyze Linux systems on MIPS-Based SoCs and embedded systems. Navigator ICS brings together the industry’s leading tools and technologies for MIPS® development in a cohesive, off-the-shelf product, with new and innovative components for Linux development. Licensing for Navigator ICS and plug-ins is on a per-seat basis through node-locked or floating licenses. Pricing for MIPS Navigator ICS starts at $1,945 (U.S.) for a single node-locked license with one year of support and maintenance.

Navigator ICS Functions

  • Eclipse based-IDE with C/C++ CDT
  • Bare-iron & GNU/Linux tool chain optimized for MIPS cores: Sourcery G++ from CodeSourcery-industry leading GNU-based toolchain
  • Projects to provide quick start for users
  • Support for all MIPS System Navigator probes
  • MIPSsim executables for all current MIPS cores
  • Standard plug-ins for control and configuration of targets
  • Standard plug-ins for debug and optional plug-ins for RTOS and Linux-aware debug
  • Standard plug-ins for analysis and optional plug-ins for advanced analysis

MIPS Navigator ICS includes unique new tools and plug-ins for coding, debugging and analyzing Linux targets. For coding, this includes as standard a MIPS-optimized version of Sourcery G++, a complete C/C++ development environment from CodeSourcery based on the GNU Toolchain and the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE). With Sourcery G++, developers can output non-position independent code (PIC) for higher performance for Linux applications.

For debugging with Navigator ICS, developers can leverage an innovative new optional plug-in-the Arriba Linux Debugger-that overcomes the traditional shortcomings of Linux debugging methods. With it, there is no need to instrument, recompile or use kernel patches. The tool provides complete debugging capabilities, including debugging drivers and applications over a single connection, debugging multiple threads/processes, and debugging Shared Libraries. Since it does not pre-empt the kernel, the Arriba Linux Debugger is ideal for multimedia/real-time applications and drivers. Available through an exclusive agreement with Viosoft Corporation, it is also portable and easily re-targeted to custom platforms.

Another unique new tool for the Navigator ICS is the Linux Event Analyzer (LEA). The optional LEA plug-in-also provided through an exclusive agreement with Viosoft-provides kernel and application-level profiling for all MIPS-Based devices running Linux. It captures all Linux events occurring on the target, then graphically displays events over time with details just a mouse click away. The LEA complements the recently introduced Hot Spot Analyzer (HSA) plug-in from MIPS Technologies. Like the Arriba Linux Debugger, there is no need to recompile the kernel or instrument the application-a benefit for time-critical applications.

Navigator ICS is optimized for the unique features of the MIPS architecture and cores, and is built to harness the power of MIPS System Navigator probes. All of the integrated components are pre-verified, giving developers confidence that the components will work together. Coupled with MIPS Technologies’ state-of-the-art On-Chip Instrumentation (OCI), the suite offers customers a unique view into their SoC operation.

More info: MIPS Technologies