eDVR91 MPEG-4 Camera Reference Design

OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: OVTI) eASIC Corporation recently introduced the eDVR91 MPEG-4 camera reference design. The eDVR91 is ideal for a broad range of applications including camcorders, security and surveillance cameras, and automotive vision systems. The eDVR91 comes complete with schematics, firmware and software, and is currently available from eASIC for $299.

The eDVR91 is a camera reference design based on OmniVision’s OV7725 CameraChip(TM) sensor and eASIC’s eDV9100 MPEG-4 CODEC. It enables the capture, compression and storage of digital video and audio on a Secure Digital (SD) storage card. The eDVR91 can store eight hours of compressed video and audio on a single 2G SD memory card.

The OV7725 is a 1/4-inch sensor that provides the full functionality of a VGA camera and image processor on a single chip, enabling easy and cost efficient integration. Built with a 6 x 6 micron pixel, the OV7725 delivers ultra-high light sensitivity (3.8 V/Lux-sec), making it the ideal solution for a wide range of applications that need to operate well in low light conditions. The OV7725 can operate at 60 frames per second (fps) in VGA mode, or 120 fps in QVGA.

More info: OmniVision | eASIC