Critical Factors for Embedded Operating Systems

According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC), many embedded developers still do not yet consider multiprocessing and multi-core architecture support a critical factor influencing their selection of embedded operating systems for current projects. These criteria are of relatively low importance even to those developers who indicated that they were using a multi-core or multi-core and multiprocessor design for their current project.

While their preferences did indicate a discernable increase in the relative importance of support for multi-core architectures, their top-eight section criteria remained consistent with those of the overall population. Although VDC expects this selection dynamic to continue change going forward as more embedded projects incorporate multi-core processors, it is clear that factors such as the reliability, cost, and the availability of development tools will continue to drive purchasing decisions.

VDC - Embedded operating systems critical factors

VDC believes the increased adoption of multi-core processors may not necessarily cause embedded device manufacturers’ software spend to increase more per year than it would have organically. This technology, however, may have the potential to affect the competitive landscape going forward and shift the relative distribution of market revenue if a clear disparity in multi-core or multiprocessing support emerges between the vendors that have traditionally led the embedded market.

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