Tips and Techniques for Improving Embedded Linux Startup Time

MontaVista Software, Inc. is offering two free webinars on improving embedded Linux Startup time. The even will be presented with Freescale Semiconductor, OpenSystems Media, and Christopher Hallinan, author of Embedded Linux Primer, the number one-selling book on embedded Linux. The web seminars will provide strategies for improving embedded Linux startup time and present techniques that help design engineers to reduce boot time while preserving the base functionality required of most embedded Linux systems. The 60-minute webcasts will take place on Tuesday, November 18th at 2PM GMT/9AM ET and again at 2PM ET/11AM PT.


  • Challenges facing consumer product design
  • Embedded hardware and software platforms to address these challenges
  • Software techniques to decrease boot time
  • Overview of boot sequence
  • Bootloader optimizations
  • Linux kernel optimizations

As embedded consumer electronics have become more advanced and consumer demands continue to increase, ‘Instant-on’ capability in devices, such as cell phones, mobile internet devices and automotive infotainment systems, has become a necessity. With the proliferation of Linux in these increasingly intelligent devices, developers must learn to optimize the boot up time to meet consumer requirements. A typical Linux embedded system contains a bootloader and kernel both of which are typically configured with many useful default features that either slow or speed system boot time.

Attendees will learn the latest fast boot techniques, including tips on how to decrease the overhead of the bootloader and more efficiently configure features that affect startup time. Attendees to this event will gain better understanding of techniques to decrease boot time, and be presented an overview of a typical boot sequence, bootloader and Linux kernel optimizations.

More info: MontaVista Software Web Seminar