Express Logic TraceX 3.1

Express Logic, Inc. recently released TraceX V3.1 host-based embedded development tool. TraceX enables embedded developers to visualize and better understand the behavior of their real-time systems. TraceX 3.1 adds new summary and profiling features that further assist developers in understanding the behavior and performance of their real-time system. TraceX 3.1 is available from Express Logic immediately for Windows hosts and all target architectures supported by ThreadX. TraceX 3.1 license price is $1,000 per seat.

TraceX collects a database of system and application “events” on the target system during run-time. These events include thread context switches, preemptions, suspensions, terminations, and system interrupts, all of which generally escape detection in a standard debugging environment. Events are logged in the database by ThreadX under program control, with time-stamping and active thread identification so they can be displayed later in the proper time sequence. Event logging may be stopped and restarted by the application program dynamically when an area of interest is encountered, which avoids cluttering the database and using up target memory when the system is performing correctly.

TraceX 3.1 Features

  • Designed to work with Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS
  • Execution Profile that shows the percentage of execution time spent in each application thread, interrupt routine, and system idle time
  • Popular Services that shows which ThreadX services are most often used by the application
  • Thread Stack Usage that shows the amount of stack memory actually used by each thread in the system, enabling better optimization of memory allocated for stack usage as well as detection of stack overflow
  • Performance Statistics that shows actual counts of the number of context switches, interrupts, priority inversions, and other critical events that occurred during system operation
  • Fast navigation buttons that simplify user operation of the GUI as well as the ability to support an unlimited number of application threads

More info: Express Logic