Microsoft Windows Embedded Research Report

According to Venture Development Corporation (VDC), embedded systems manufacturers and their suppliers are driving Windows Embedded revenue by incorporating Microsoft’s Classic OSs under embedded restricted licenses in device development. VDC estimates that greater than 40% of Windows Embedded revenue in 2007 was derived from Classic OS (Windows Embedded Enterprise) production licenses. The types of applications can range from retail automation, industrial automation, large complex medical devices, and others. VDC’s description of Microsoft’s Classic OSs includes full-up versions of Windows XP, Vista, 9x, DOS, and other operating systems under embedded restricted licenses.

VDC Revenue Breakdown of Microsoft Windows Embedded

The main factor driving Microsoft’s Classic OS’s is the development of PC-type devices that are not resource constrained, do not require any special hardware or software requirements and where third-party application software already exists. If realtime support is required, real-time extensions are available from companies such as Ardence (RTX), TenAsys (INtime), and others.

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