Multi-touch Gestures Software Development Kit

N-trig is offering a software development kit (SDK) for multi-touch gestures to independent service vendors (ISVs) and industry partners. N-trig’s SDK can be downloaded on any tablet PC with DuoSense technology. N-trig’s SDK kit enables Software Vendors (ISVs) with a tablet PC that contains DuoSense to add truly unique and highly competitive features to their applications. Leveraging N-trig’s multi-touch gestures technology, these features enable a Human UI experience that simply cannot be achieved using traditional point-and-click mouse peripherals.

The multi-touch gestures SDK enables ISVs to add multi-touch functions to current or future applications, providing a more hands-on experience for the user. N-trig’s multi-touch currently enables functions such as rotating, zooming in and out, panning, and pinching. However, this is only the beginning of multi-touch manipulation, and N-trig is continuing to develop its technology and will be releasing more multi-touch features in the future.

Multi-Touch Gestures SDK

  • Allows ISVs and other software developers to flexibly integrate multi-touch functionality into their application designs
  • Provides OEMs with straightforward, out-of-the-box integration capabilities into their current notebook manufacturing designs and processes
  • Enabled through a firmware upgrade to existing DuoSense digitizer without any need for hardware changes
  • Supports current and future Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7), Microsoft Office (2003 and 2007), and multiple web browser/navigational platforms

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