Wind River ICE 2 Hardware Emulator

Wind River (NASDAQ:WIND) recently introduced ICE 2 hardware emulator. Wind River ICE 2 improves debugging efficiency during the device development lifecycle. ICE 2 simplifies uniprocessor and multicore system development challenges by enabling device software developers to visualize complex system interactions and rapidly track down the root cause to resolve problems with greater efficiency. ICE 2 also allows simple migration from one processor family to another via firmware upgrades, allowing developers to leverage existing investments. Wind River ICE 2 is immediately available as a stand-alone solution or packaged with Wind River Workbench for On-Chip Debugging and API.

Wind River ICE 2 hardware emulator

Wind River ICE 2 Features

  • Ability to identify and resolve complex system-level multicore or multiprocessor hardware/software integration issues, extended to support debugging of up to 16 cores simultaneously through one Wind River ICE 2 emulator
  • Manage connections with 128 devices on a single scan chain
  • Quick and effective diagnosis of system-level hardware layout issues through comprehensive hardware and memory diagnostic capabilities
  • Complete integration with Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition, the industry’s leading Eclipse-based on-chip debugging environment
  • Ongoing support for industry-leading operating systems, including VxWorks and Wind River Linux
  • Simplified hardware debugging configuration, setup, and status monitoring via the easy to read LCD panel
  • Support for a broad range of processors on the ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC architectures

More info: Wind River ICE 2 (pdf)