NI DIAdem 11.0

National Instruments (Nasdaq:NATI) recently introduced DIAdem 11.0 for managing, analyzing, and reporting data collected during data acquisition and/or generated during simulations. DIAdem 11.0 adds sensor data mapping for 3D CAD models to simplify the visualization of high-channel-count systems. It also streamlines large-group test management with automatic conversion and scaling of engineering unit sets. NI DIAdem 11.0 is priced from $699 (€699).

DIAdem 11 New Features

  • Build complex queries with logical AND/OR operators and parentheses
  • Map sensor data onto 3D CAD models for advanced visualization
  • Convert data into other engineering units using the expandable units catalog
  • Simplify the creation of scripts using object-oriented programming and CodeCompletion
  • Extend your reporting capabilities with new display modes in REPORT
  • Apply new curve-fitting algorithms for fitting freely defined non-linear functions, Gaussian curves, and solving sets of linear equations

DIAdem makes it easy to manage, analyze, and report on data collected during data acquisition or generated during simulations, and the software’s ability to handle large volumes of data as well as provide consistent reporting and data visualization makes it ideal for applications such as aerospace, automotive and structural test. With DIAdem 11.0, users now can map data acquired from sensors to any virtual reality modeling language (VRML) or STL file format CAD model to gain a clearer understanding of the measurement or simulation data.

DIAdem 11.0 also adds new features to improve user productivity. The latest version of the software helps global teams share data by providing automatic conversion and scaling of engineering unit sets or measurement units to reconcile any geographic or standardization differences that may result from users working in multiple locations. To give users greater flexibility in managing and mining their data sets, DIAdem 11.0 offers the ability to both expand and limit search parameters for creating more complex data queries. Additionally, DIAdem 11.0 provides a script editor that simplifies and accelerates script writing through the use of CodeCompletion for methods and properties of objects as well as syntax highlighting.

More info: NI DIAdem