Migrating VxWorks RTOS to Embedded Linux Webinar

MontaVista® Software, Inc. is offering a new educational webinar. The webcast will take place on October 23 and will offer information for device developers who are looking to migrate their applications from the VxWorks® RTOS to embedded Linux. Attendees will gain an understanding of key considerations in planning a code migration, including criteria that warn against moving to embedded Linux and how to determine whether the most appropriate method is to migrate existing code, use virtualization, or recode the application. They will learn about common barriers to completing a successful migration, along with tips for overcoming them. Attendees will receive a free white paper on migrating legacy VxWorks applications to embedded Linux.

Webinars Times

  • Thursday, October 23
    10am New York
    3pm London
    4pm Germany
  • Thursday, October 23
    11am California
    1pm Chicago
    2pm New York

Jim Ready, the chief technical officer and founder of MontaVista Software, will describe different migration paradigms, including VxWorks API emulation, run-time partitioning with virtualization, and application porting. Ready will present criteria for choosing the best paradigm for a given application and offer run-time considerations as well as resources for finding help.

Developers will benefit from understanding the difference between VxWorks and embedded Linux general programming models, memory models, real-time techniques, and debugging. The online seminar will also explain how to find free migration tools.

Each web seminar is scheduled for 60 minutes, including time for questions from the audience. The webcast is free.

More info: webcast