Cypress PSoC Designer 5.0

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NYSE:CY) recently announced PSoC Designer[tm] 5.0. PSoC Designer helps users harness the power and flexibility of PSoC devices. Cypress has combined the PSoC Express[tm] visual embedded system design tool with the full-featured PSoC Designer software to create a new design paradigm – users can now start projects in a drag-and-drop visual design mode (system-level view) and then move to code-based design in C language (chip-level view) to refine and customize their projects, all from within a single tool.

PSoC Designer Software Highlights

  • System-Level View
    A revolutionary drag-and-drop visual embedded system design environment based on PSoC Express 3.0
  • Chip-Level View
    A powerful and more traditional integrated development environment (IDE) based on PSoC Designer 4.4
  • Hybrid Designs
    Start with the system-level visual environment and transition to the powerful chip-level IDE

In addition to integrating the PSoC Express functionality, the new PSoC Designer 5.0 tool includes the more powerful version 9.61 of the HI-TECH C PRO compiler for the PSoC Mixed-Signal Array. The new compiler includes a new “Lite” mode that designers can use free of charge without any time or code-size limits usually associated with free compilers. Users can download PSoC Designer 5.0 free of charge.

PSoC Designer 5.0 also includes a plethora of upgrades focused on usability and ensuring embedded design engineers have the best tool, interface and components to quickly and easily complete the most complex designs while maximizing the efficiency of the target PSoC devices. Some of these enhancements include Graphical User Interface features based on familiar software best practices. For example, practically every window within the application can now be docked to the development workspace, hidden or exposed as needed through tabbed interfaces, or float as independent windows and effectively used in multiple-display environments.

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