Renesas Technology Developers Conference

Renesas will hold a developers’ conference in San Diego, California from October 13-15, 2008. The technology event will showcase Renesas’ embedded solutions centered on microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs), and also offers many useful design tips and techniques in a combination of lectures and hands-on labs. Online registration is now open. The cost to attend the event is $985.

The Renesas Technology Developers’ Conference is a two-and-a-half-day event that gives system designers developing embedded systems special access to the latest advances in microcomputer technology. It also provides them with timely, proven insights into practical solutions that they can apply to accelerate and enhance engineering projects.

The conference features over 80 sessions on a wide range of hot topics, ranging from robust CAN connectivity for networked embedded systems to direct-drive solutions for TFT LCD panels in consumer electronics products, motor control methods for home appliances, to FlexRay technology and hybrid vehicles. Content-rich lectures and hands-on laboratory sessions will be led by embedded systems experts from Renesas and technology partners from the large community of third-party suppliers who supports Renesas MCUs and MPUs.

Keynote Presentations

  • Dr. Katsuhiro Tsukamoto, COO of Renesas Technology
  • Ali Sebt, executive vice president of Renesas Technology America

MCUs: Future Device Developments and Application Issues Panel

Yasushi Akao, Renesas Technology America, Inc.
Will Strauss, Forward Concepts
Jean Labrosse, Micrium
Nadim Shehayed, IAR
Rich Nass, Embedded Systems Design

More info: Renesas Technology Developers’ Conference