Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference

The Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) will be holding its Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference on October 13, 2008 at the Network Meeting Center at Techmart (Silicon Valley Room) in Santa Clara, CA. The conference will feature speakers and demonstrations from several of the industry’s leading semiconductor and electronic-design automation (EDA) companies. Lucio Lanza of Lanza techVentures will be the keynote speaker. Registration is $125 for Si2 members and $150 for non-members.

The 13th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference will showcase a wide variety of presentations and demos that will demonstrate recent and pervasive OpenAccess adoption among end-users, IDM’s, fabless/fab-lite companies, and EDA companies. In addition to informative presentations on new OpenAccess based tools, there will be presentations on the use of OpenAccess as a platform for multi-company flow integration, such as the Interoperable PDK Library (IPL) initiative, highlighting that the original promise of OpenAccess has come to fruition. The demo session/mixer in the evening, which has always been a highlight of previous conferences as a forum to exchange current know-how on implementation advances, will showcase some of the interesting capabilities exploiting OpenAccess presented during the day sessions.

Speakers will include representatives from LSI, eAsic, Atrenta, Cadence, Ciranova, Synopsys, Intel, Sun Microsystems, and Renesas. There will be demonstrations of tools and supporting capabilities during the evening “Wine and Cheese Reception.” Companies scheduled to participate include: Cadence, Nangate, Synopsys, Ciranova, and several others.

More info: 13th Si2/OpenAccess+ Conference