Digital Signal Processing Theory Architecture and Algorithms Course

The Institute for System Level Integration and Steepest Ascent Ltd. will host a digital signal processing course at the Bath Innovation Centre on October 20-23, 2008. The 4-day intensive course will focus on digital signal processing, architectures, and algorithms. The event will provide attendees with a solid and intuitive understanding of the essential digital signal processing tools — such as digital filters, FFTs, correlators, adaptive systems, and multirate systems. The underlying theory, algorithms, and practical knowledge is then applied across a range of DSP applications including QAM/QPSK digital communications, time-frequency signal analysis, adaptive data equalisation, acoustic echo cancellers, multirate systems, and sigma delta coding.

The course comes at a time when DSP is increasingly being applied to more powerful general purpose microprocessors, field-programmable gate arrays, digital signal controllers and stream processors. It is suitable for all engineering, marketing and technical management staff. By delivering a sound grounding in DSP theory and practice, participants will leave with the knowledge required to apply DSL solutions to problems within their given domains.

More info: Institute for System Level Integration