Common Platform Technology Forum 2008

The Common Platform Technology Forum will be take place on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The free, day-long event offers insights and presentations about the technical breakthroughs enabled through the Common Platform technology initiative. This year’s event, entitled “Access Innovation,” will focus on the latest technological advancements available to Common Platform customers, including 32-nanometer (nm) high-k metal gate (HKMG); developments in computational scaling technology, airgap and materials innovation; and energy-aware multiprocessing on leading-edge technology.

The event’s keynote speakers include Dr. Gary Patton, vice president of the IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center; Luis Pineda, senior vice president of marketing and product development at Qualcomm CDMA Technologies; Tudor Brown, president of ARM and Tommi Uhari, executive vice president and general manager, ST-NXP Wireless.

Technical sessions include presentations on low-power design implementation, advanced design methodologies, and a tutorial on 32nm HKMG technology.


  • Emerging Mobile Markets and Partnerships
  • Enabling Web 2.0 Mobile Apps
  • Leadership Technology Through Innovation and Collaboration
  • High-K Metal-Gate Designs for Low-Power Applications
  • 32nm High-K Metal-Gate Silicon Implementation
  • ARM Solutions for Common Platform Technology
  • Energy-Aware, Multiprocessing Design
  • Advanced Technology for Density and Performance Scaling
  • Design Challenges & Methodology Solutions Spanning to 32nm

More information: Common Platform Technology Forum 2008