iSolve Multimedia Verification Platform

Mentor Graphics Corp. (NASDAQ:MENT) recently introduced their high-performance platform to accelerate the verification of multimedia products. The new platform enables designers to test their complete system, including graphics, digital TV, home entertainment systems, and mobile multimedia applications, as well as employ real-world multimedia stimulus early in the development cycle – reducing the total system verification process from weeks to hours. The platform consists of the Veloce family of hardware-assisted verification products and the iSolve Multimedia product, which provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, delivering a dynamic and accurate multimedia verification environment.

Combined with the industry-leading Veloce product family, the iSolve Multimedia platform delivers a high-performance and easy-to-use system verification environment to develop new and leading-edge multimedia products, without compromising delivery schedules.

The iSolve multimedia verification platform can be used with a traditional In-Circuit Emulation as well as a high-performance Transaction-Based Acceleration mode of operation. The ability to mix and match traditional ICE capabilities with high-performance Transaction-Based Acceleration facilitates the smooth transition from simulation centric use models to In-Circuit Emulation.

Key Benefits

  • Automated creation of multimedia video and audio formats on demand
  • User-controllable streaming of multimedia data to verify and stress-test the SoC design
  • Simultaneous audio and video streaming and analysis
  • Full-featured graphical analysis tools for video and audio data to detect design flaws and increase productivity
  • Support for multiple standards:
    • Graphics: RGB, YUV (CCIR656)
    • Digital TV: HDMI 1.3
    • Mobile Applications: SMIA 1.0 (Raw Bayer)
    • Audio formats: I2C, PCM, S/PDIF
  • Support for user-definable data, such as MPEG2/4, for verifying the design
  • Server-Client architecture to support remote usage across worldwide development sites

More information: Mentor Graphics iSolve Solutions