Altos Variety LX Library Creator

Variety LX, from Altos Design Automation Inc., is an ultra-fast library creator that generates electrical models in Liberty®, Verilog, Vital and IBIS formats. Variety LX supports all the latest models for timing, noise and power such as CCS (Composite Current Source) and ECSM (Effective Current Source Models) including the statistical ECSM and CCS variation extensions required to support statistical static timing analysis (SSTA). Variety LX also supports ultra low power and high speed design styles that include power gating cells, state retention registers, level shifters, pulse clocking and CML. Variety LX is available now with prices starting at $120K per year.

Variety LX unifies Liberate corner characterization and Variety statistical characterization into a single characterization platform. New capabilities available in Variety LX include: 1) generation of current source dynamic power models (CCS and ECSM), 2) characterization of current density to enable electromigration analysis, 3) a 2X speedup improvement for statistical modeling, and 4) a faster interface to external SPICE simulators that cuts characterization time in half; 5) support for coarse grained low power cell types such as footer and header switches.

Altos’s “inside view” technology has been expanded to support complex custom digital cells including automatic vector generation for cells with large pin counts, support for cells with multiple internal states such as pipeline flip-flops and simultaneous input switching delay modeling. For analog and complex I/O cells, Variety LX supports characterization using an arbitrary test harness, delay measurement of differential signals including relative voltage swings, IBIS 4.2 format and current mode logic (CML).

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