Liga NitroSIM Hybrid Simulator

Liga Systems, Inc. recently launched NitroSIM. Powered by the VLIW coprocessor optimized for digital logic simulation, NitroSIM v1.0 compiles gate-level netlists to accelerate digital logic simulation by 10 times, and provides full visibility, and 4-state accuracy. The patent-pending product provides over 300 million gate simulation capacity in a single PCI card with a software simulator price tag. NitroSIM v1.0 is available initially in North America and the US list price is $50,000. Time-based-licensing (TBL) pricing is also available.

NitroSIM Coprocessor CardNitroSIM v1.0 Features

  • Accelerates functional Verilog simulation by 10x or more
  • 4-state and 2-state simulation
  • Full debug visibility (VCD, FSDB)
  • 300 Million logic gate capacity on a single card
  • Verilog IEEE 1364-2001 compliant
  • Interoperable with leading industry simulators
  • Support OVL Verilog Assertions
  • Hierarchical compilation
  • PLI-compliant interface
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • 2.6 OS Kernel (32-bit / 64-bit)

NitroSIM enables scalability of simulation to unequaled capacity levels in a low-cost solution while maintaining simulation use-models and debug methods. NitroSIM v1.0 accelerates software simulation by concurrent instruction execution on a general-purpose CPU and a grid of VLIW processors supported by an ultra-high bandwidth memory architecture. NitroSIM supports Verilog IEEE 1364-2001 in 4-state and 2-state simulation modes. Its simulator-like pricing makes it ideal for use by engineers and development teams functionally verifying integrated circuits. NitroSIM provides full debug visibility; generating VCD and FSDB waveform file formats. It is available for 32 and 64-bit computers running SUSE Linux Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating systems.

More info: Liga Systems