Infiniscale TechYielder Yield Optimizer

TechYielder, from Infiniscale, is a powerful yield optimizer targeting advanced complex Analog Designs. Infiniscale model-based parametrical yield optimizer offers designers the opportunity to maximize both yield and robustness in record time. TechYielder is available and is part of the Infiniscale LYSIS environment.

Infiniscale TechYielder fills the need for yield optimization of complex analog, Advanced Mixed-Signal, and RF blocks, designed with sub 90 nm design kits. The extremely fast design turnaround gives the designer total freedom to try different options and trade-offs. Rather than design and then check yield, designers optimize directly performance distribution versus specifications.

TechYielder is unique because it goes beyond the traditional methods with the speed of models and the accuracy of simulators. Infiniscale’s model-based approach allows designers to yield, center, and optimize designs in matters of hours.

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