Nangate 45nm Open Source Digital Cell Library, Second Edition

Nangate recently released the second edition of the open source 45nm standard-cell library. The new release of the library has been updated with several new user-requested cell variants, CCS and ECSM timing models as well as a DFM kit for yield sensitivity analysis. The Nangate 45nm Open Cell Library is a standard-cell library provided for the purposes of testing and exploring EDA flows.

An open library, with associated DFM elements, gives users the ability to develop test cases to analyze various DFM tools in public arenas, without disclosure concerns.

Open Cell Library Content

  • Liberty (.lib) formatted libraries with CCS Timing, ECSM Timing and NLDM/NLPM data (fast, slow and typical corners)
  • Geometric library in Library Exchange Format (LEF)
  • Simulation libraries in Verilog® and Spice (pre and post parasitic extracted netlists)
  • Cell layouts in GDSII
  • Schematics
  • Library databook in HTML/XML format
  • OpenAccess database containing layouts and netlists

The Nangate 45nm Open Cell Library was created using Nangate Library Creator. The library includes CCS models which have been validated to meet the high accuracy correlation requirement between the industry gold standard tools Synopsys PrimeTime timing signoff and HSPICE simulation.

More info: Nangate 45nm Open Cell Library