Open Source VMM Methodology for SystemVerilog

Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNPS) recently released the source code for its complete implementation of the proven VMM verification methodology for SystemVerilog, including the VMM Standard Library and VMM Applications, under the popular Apache 2.0 open source license. Synopsys’ implementation of the VMM methodology, originally defined in the Verification Methodology Manual for SystemVerilog, was recently donated to the Accellera standards organization to speed development of verification interoperability standards.

By releasing its implementation of the VMM methodology, Synopsys has enabled users and vendors from across the industry to take immediate advantage of the years of investment in VMM methodology development as Accellera begins its standardization efforts. Synopsys’ complete implementation of the VMM methodology is available as a free download.

VMM includes:

  • VMM Standard Library
  • VMM Register Abstraction Layer application
  • VMM Reusable Environment Composition application
  • VMM Memory Allocation Manager application
  • VMM Hardware Abstraction Layer application
  • VMM Data Stream Scoreboard application
  • VMM Macro Library

More info: VMM Central | Synopsys