Free OCP-Conductor Professional Transaction Analysis Tool

Duolog Technologies is offering its OCP-Conductor Professional transaction analysis tool free of charge to members of OCP-IP. The Tool is a detailed OCP transaction viewer that enables fine-grained analysis of bus transactions. A complete transaction sequence can be traced from request to response along with a host of related information about the transaction, permitting instant, powerful, high-level OCP transaction analysis and debug.

OCP-Conductor forms part of Duolog’s OCP Toolkit, which includes OCP-Tracker, a performance analysis and performance regression tool that graphically analyses user-definable bandwidths and latencies of OCP transactions from single OCP ports to sophisticated bus structures deployed across the SoC. In addition, bandwidth and latency measurements are used in Tracker’s validation regression environment where events throughout the SoC trigger user-defined bandwidth and latency measurements.

Duolog’s OCP toolset offers comprehensive transaction and performance analysis of the Open Core Protocol (OCP) socket. OCP forms part of a collaborative methodology that reduces design cycle time, errors and time to market. For OCP-based systems, integration and deterministic transaction analysis are key enablers for getting products to market quickly, with quality.

More info: OCP-IP | Duolog Technologies