Apache Sentinel-PI for Power Integrity

Apache Design Solutions recently introduced the Sentinel-PI, which is a fully-integrated chip-package-system co-design and co-analysis solution for power integrity. Sentinel-PI provides SoC-aware modeling and analysis of the system-level power delivery network to enable IC package and PCB designers to optimize their designs, from early stage prototyping to system signoff. Pricing for the Sentinel-PI starts at $35,000 USD for a 1 year TBL (time-based license).

Sentinel-PI provides a next generation 3D full-wave power network extraction and power integrity analysis engine optimized for package and PCB designs. The new engine delivers accuracy, performance, and capacity required for a complete chip-package-system co-analysis. From a single product, Sentinel-PI enables designers to perform resistance check and static IR-drop analysis (DC), frequency-domain simulation including impedance analysis of multi-port power delivery network of the chip, package, and board (AC), and time-domain dynamic voltage drop analysis (transient).

By embedding CPM, Sentinel-PI enables SoC-aware package/PCB power analysis from early in the design flow and throughout the entire process. During early design, Sentinel-PI enables accurate and predictable package selection, as well as power pad and package decoupling capacitance optimizations. Later in the design flow, Sentinel-PI allows package and PCB designers to accurately run power integrity analysis of the package and the PCB with the power delivery network behaviors of the IC, diagnose potential chip-package LC resonance issues, and validate package/board dynamic voltage noise margin.

Sentinel-PI Capabilities

  • 3D, full-wave power network extraction and power integrity co-analysis engine
  • DC, AC, and transient/dynamic analysis within a single tool
  • Seamlessly integrated Chip Power Model (CPM) for SoC-aware package/board power integrity

More info: Apache Design Solutions