Evatronix HDLC Connectivity Platform

The HDLC Connectivity Platform, from Evatronix SA, is an integrated solution that will shorten the time necessary for development of an 8-bit SoC enhanced with advanced data communication capabilities. HDLC Connectivity Platform features hardware support for LAPB/LAPD protocols for significant savings in CPU time, while a built-in DMA controller increases overall system performance. The HDLC Connectivity Platform is available for licensing now. Configuration and customization options are identical to those offered by individual components.

Customization of the number of communication channels along with a 11 internal interrupts results in high performance of the data communication protocol. Last but not least, the platform maintains all the functionality and configurability of its components – the R8051XC microcontroller and the HDLC controller. Software and dedicated hardware environment further simplify application development.

The platform was developed to facilitate the process of designing telecommunication chips that utilize an HDLC Controller. The hardware support with the HDLC core makes the 8-bit architecture of R8051XC a perfect solution for the majority data communication applications.

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