Flash Memory Summit 2208

Flash Memory Summit is a 3-day event that will cover the latest topics in flash memory. Flash Memory Summit will provide information about flash in embedded systems, laptop design, flash in enterprise storage systems, green flash, solid state drives, flash performance, flash-based design, flash in computers, mobile applications, software, and new non-volatile memory technologies. Flash Memory Summit will take place August 12-14 at the Santa Clara Marriott.

Forums and Tutorials

  • Flash Memory in Embedded Applications
  • Flash in Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Flash Performance
  • Designing Flash-Based Products
  • Designing for Mobile Applications
  • Creating the Next Breakthrough Consumer Application
  • Laptop Design
  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)
  • Introduction to Flash Memory
  • New Approaches to Nonvolatile Memory Subsystems
  • Executive Update

Participating companies include Intel, Samsung, SanDisk, Micron, Dell, Datalight, EMC, Sun, Seagate, Xiotech, IBM, STEC, and IDC.

More info: Flash Memory Summit