OCP-IP Network on Chip Benchmarking Specification Part 2

OCP-IP has released part two of the Network On Chip (NoC) Benchmarking specification to member review. Part One of the NoC spec was published in March 2008. The release of Part two completes the entire specification for benchmarking NoCs and facilitates the development of a benchmark suite. Part Two contains sections on Architecture Definition, Traffic Configuration, Measurement and the Micro-Benchmarks Set. OCP-IP members are invited to review and comment on part two of the NoC spec .

Architecture definition covers the topics of NoC model under evaluation, communication entities: transaction, transfer and packet, and standard communication interfaces. Traffic Configurations discusses temporal and spatial distributions of NoC traffic data for performance evaluation. The Measurement section details workload and metrics. Finally, the Micro-Benchmarks Set section covers naming conventions for micro-benchmarks, and micro-benchmarks implementations.

This specification was completed with the collaboration of a number of world’s most prestigious universities working on NoC research including: University of British Columbia, Carnegie Melon University, Royal Institute of Technology, Tampere University of Technology and Washington State University and was supported by cooperation and participation of industry members from the OCP-IP NoC Benchmarking Working Group (NoC BWG). These companies include: GreenSocs, Nokia, Sonics, Synopsys, Texas Instruments, and Toshiba.

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