NIWeek 2008 – Graphical System Design Conference and Exhibition

NIWeek 2008 will open August 5th at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. The three-day National Instruments event offers interactive technical sessions, targeted summits, hands-on workshops and exhibitions on the latest developments for design, control, automation, manufacturing and test. The conference features keynote presentations and demonstrations that highlight how engineers and scientists can use NI graphical system design to test, measure and fix inefficient products and processes to improve everyday life.

NIWeek 2008 features nearly 200 technical sessions including hands-on workshops, case studies and panel discussions from companies and universities such as Averna, Cornell University, General Electric, Texas Instruments and the University of California, Berkeley. The sessions will highlight the latest developments in test and data acquisition, industrial and automation, embedded design and software development as well as green engineering. In addition, the conference features technical summits on RF and wireless communications, sound and vibration and vision as well as the first ever Robotics Summit, which explores the use of NI LabVIEW software and the graphical system design platform for robotic and autonomous vehicle applications.

NIWeek Sessions

  • Upgrading Your LabVIEW Application
    NI engineers demonstrate the process of upgrading customer-submitted applications and give a short presentation on the upgrade process for each application, potential issues that may arise, and techniques used to solve each issue.

  • Mechatronics Considerations for Assisting Humans
    Explore the concept of smart shoes that measure the distribution of foot pressures for phase estimation in a human gait and detection of abnormalities. Based on the estimated phase, a control algorithm is adapted for the most effective assistance to the user.

  • Optimizing Automated Test Systems with Parallel Technologies
    Learn how to use parallel technologies such as multicore processors, pipelining, and autoscheduling to optimize the execution of your automated test system. Take advantage of multicore processors to optimize processor-intensive tasks while using autoscheduling to increase the performance of instrumentation intensive tests.

  • Identifying the Ideal Digital I/O Hardware for High-Speed Applications
    Applications requiring high-speed digital signals vary, including the implementation of standard or custom communication protocols, ASIC functional test, or high-speed digital video streaming. Explore some of these applications, identifying the appropriate hardware and software combinations from the National Instruments product lines.

Events new to NIWeek 2008 include the Academic Forum and the Medical Device Workshop. The Academic Forum on August 4th provides an exclusive platform for academic professionals to present their original research, share teaching methodologies and preview NI technologies and products. The Medical Device Workshop, a seminar that brings together physicians, scientists and engineers who are developing innovative, timely and safe medical devices, takes place August 5-6 and kicks off with a keynote from G. Terry Sharrer, Ph.D., executive director of the Medical Innovation and Transformation Institute of the Inova Health System.

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