Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group

The Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group consists of research and development teams from around the world. The members are involved in projects related to the wireless sensor networks (WSN). The group is backed by Libelium, which is a spin off company of the University of Zaragoza (Spain). Libelium supplies the technology for the common platform members use their projects.

The Wireless Sensor Networks Research Group covers aspects like efficient energy motes designs, mesh routing protocols or sensor integration in WDSN. The group is also intended to be a support for physicist, chemists, farmers… those who have ideas about how to use data acquired by sensor networks but lack of the technichal knowledge required for electronic design. The group is a link between people with heterogeneous research interests for getting the most of sensor networks. All the members of the group are concerned about the importance of open source projects when sharing and spreading knowledge. The open source concept applies to use open routing protocols for ensuring interoperability among networks and open monitoring and test platforms.

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