Automating Testbench Tasks with Tcl

Doulos will be presenting a seminar at 11 am (Pacific Daylight Time) on Thursday, August 7, 2008. Many EDA tools (including Riviera-PRO) incorporate a Tcl shell that enables their actions to be automated by a suitable script. This is particularly useful for repetitive tasks such as running regression tests or a series of related simulations. The presentation introduces the Tcl language and shows how powerful scripts can be quickly put together by someone knowing only a handful of language constructs. It shows how common tasks such as running simulations and extracting results may be automated by a script and how to make such scripts reusable.


  • Introduction to Tcl
  • Creating reusable scripts
  • Controlling a simulation and extracting results

More info: AVMS VI-04: Automating Testbench Tasks with Tcl